Teixits Vicens: Majorcan artisan textiles, art and decoration

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Artisan fabrics, art and decoration since 1854.
Own production of artisan fabrics, Majorcan "Cloth of Tongues" (tela de llengües), tapestry, tablecloths, curtains, antiques...

Rotonda de Can Berenguer s/n. Pollença, Mallorca (Illes Balears)
Telephone: (+34) 971 530 450

Classical Tongues

Classical Tongues are the most peculiar and traditional fabrics, but they have a vanguard touch.

In the past they were called “flàmules” (flames) because of the characteristic flame-shape patterns that remind us of the flames of a fire.

These marvellous fabrics are enormously adaptable. They can decorate any space, classical and even the most contemporary space.

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