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Artisan fabrics, art and decoration since 1854.
Own production of artisan fabrics, Majorcan "Cloth of Tongues" (tela de llengües), tapestry, tablecloths, curtains, antiques...

Rotonda de Can Berenguer s/n. Pollença, Mallorca (Illes Balears)
Telephone: (+34) 971 530 450


Being such versatile fabric manufacturers gives us the freedom to make different products. Since the confinement began, basically, the Teixits Vicens workshop has been dedicated to the manufacture of Ikat fabric face masks. Such a characteristic fabric on our islands.

The starting point to make this product was the lack of sanitary material to carry out the different urgent and necessary tasks in this serious situation. The reception has been very good, both in the field of companies and of our private clients. So, this has encouraged us to start producing children’s face masks for kids of different ages.

The masks that we have manufactured at Teixits Vicens are exclusively for a hygienic purpose and use and don’t have to replace an individual protective equipment or a medical device. But it is  useful as a protection tool to prevent droplets from detaching from an infected person. Are made with double Ikat fabric 70% cotton and 30% linen, plus a very thin 100% cotton fabric so that the friction with the skin is softer. The design covers the nose, mouth and chin. In addition, it has two lateral elastic bands so that the mask fits well on the face.

The Ikat fabrics are made by hand and are very resistant, so the masks can be washed and reused.

At this moment in Teixits Vicens we have closed, but our online store continues to operate 24 hours, preparing orders with all the security guarantees.

We need to stay home and comply with the rules is the most important responsibility these days. Despite the concern that this unusual situation produces, and that has us all puzzled, we have to be positive, have calm, common sense and transform it in a productive experience.