Teixits Vicens: Majorcan artisan textiles, art and decoration

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Artisan fabrics, art and decoration since 1854.
Own production of artisan fabrics, Majorcan "Cloth of Tongues" (tela de llengües), tapestry, tablecloths, curtains, antiques...

Rotonda de Can Berenguer s/n. Pollença, Mallorca (Illes Balears)
Telephone: (+34) 971 530 450


Antic Mallorca and Teixits Vicens create an original jewelry collection.

The union of two ancient crafts from Mallorca such as the “llata” and the ikat fabrics, shapes this collection of jewels created by Antic Mallorca and Teixits Vicens, which proposes a renewed vision and a different use of the materials of both crafts .

Bracelets, pendants, chokers and belts of palm leaves with touches of Mediterranean blue, turquoise, purple and ecru colors, in the shape of “llengües” deconstructed to its minimum expression, cotton threads.

The result is an original, fresh, happy, natural and positive jewelry collection that after the long period of confinement invites you to go out, enjoy summer in the Mediterranean, on our nice island, and to be aware of the small treasures and the importance to keep holding them.

The jewels are for sale in the Teixits Vicens store in Pollença, in their online store www.teixitsvicens.com, in the online store www.anticmallorca.com and in selected hotels in Mallorca along with other brands from the Mallorca Fashion Collective to which both firms belong, in an action to support local fashion production promoted by the IDI (Institut d’Innovació Empresarial de les Illes Balears).

Vicens and Antic Mallorca share a work philosophy, both brands seek beauty, quality and authenticity, and for this they pamper both the design and the entire process, without fear of going slower to achieve the expected end result. With this collaboration, the two brands have felt very comfortable working, with great harmony and it has been a good opportunity to continue learning more about Mallorcan crafts.