Teixits Vicens: Majorcan artisan textiles, art and decoration

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Artisan fabrics, art and decoration since 1854.
Own production of artisan fabrics, Majorcan "Cloth of Tongues" (tela de llengües), tapestry, tablecloths, curtains, antiques...

Rotonda de Can Berenguer s/n. Pollença, Mallorca (Illes Balears)
Telephone: (+34) 971 530 450

Majorcan Fabrics and Artisan Products

Traditional clothes of tongues

The “Cloth of Tongues” is based in the technique of the ikat. These fabrics are originally from the ancient East, from where they came to Mallorca along the Silk route. The old Majorcan ikat is a very versatile and strong fabric that presents the very same pattern on both sides.

Teixits Vicens also produces many different products such as tablecloths, cushions, bedspreads, shoes, accessories and clothes. All products adapt themselves perfectly in all kind of spaces: rustic, classical, modern…

Teixits Vicens has the privilege to be one of the last places in Europe where you can find the ikat technique. One of the main characteristics of our fabrics is its resistance since it´s made only with natural fibres: 70% cotton & 30% linen.

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The Cloth of Tongues in Mallorca: The Majorcan ikat

Artisan textile factory in Mallorca

Teixits Vicens is a family-run artisan textile factory founded in 1854 in Pollensa (Mallorca) and dedicated to the production of typical Majorcan fabrics, traditionally known as “Roba de Llengües” (“Cloth of Tongues“). We try very hard to maintain the Mediterranean character of our fabrics and products. We take special care of the conservation, innovation and improvement of our fabrics. Our main goal is to offer a fresh, quality product.

The aim of Teixits Vicens is to make of every home a comfortable space, using the best materials, natural fibres and beautiful colours that give our fabrics this special and unique character. But the most important factor is our love and dedication to get an artisanal product of highest quality, taking care of every single detail.