Classical Tongues are the most peculiar and traditional fabrics, but they have a vanguard touch. In the past they were called “flàmules” (flames) because of the characteristic flame-shape patterns that remind us of the flames of a fire. These marvellous fabrics are enormously adaptable. They can decorate any space, classical and even the most contemporary space.

The collection of “Cloth of Tongues” (ikats) evokes far-away countries, travellers in the silk route that brought exotic merchandises in the holds of their boats. Through the years we have transmitted our own and very particular character. These fabrics are ideal for curtains, tapestry and all kind of decorative elements.

Multi-coloured Tongues is our most original, free and spectacular collection. An enormous variety of colours are combined and distorted in these specials fabrics. They can adapt themselves to any space. Vanguard craftwork, elegance and high quality.

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