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Artisanal fabrics may have color and repetition distance variations.


Price: 19,00 

Ikat fabrics are handmade and very resistant, so the masks can be washed at 60º and reused many times. Each package contains 2 different fabric models from our collection, so they can be changed or used by different family members.

The ikat fabric face masks we have made at Teixits Vicens are for hygienic use only and should not replace personal protective equipment or medical devices.

It is useful as a protection tool to prevent drops from falling from an infected person.

It is made with a layer of Ikat fabric 70% cotton and 30% linen, in addition to another layer of finite 100% cotton fabric, so that the friction with the skin is softer.

The design covers the nose, mouth and chin. In addition, it has two very soft lateral rubber bands so that it does not cause discomfort behind the ears and so that it fits well to the face.

At the bottom of the face mask it has a small opening in case you want to insert a filter.